Private aviation in Georgia is developing at rapid leaps: more and more citizens prefer to hire the aircrafts in order to fly on important events or business meetings.

How much does the flight on private jet cost? Everyone, who decided to order an air charter, asks this question. Some believe that only very rich people can order the flight. We assure your:  this is not quite so.

Let us look at what makes the price of private flights.

The type of aircraft – this is what matters the most. Large and long-range aircrafts are more expensive but light and compact aircrafts – much cheaper.

Average cost of the flight hour of the jet – 3 000 c.u.

Route of air walk also represents an important subject. One hour of flight will cost less if you lease the aircraft for a long time.

The number of passengers on the board also have the meaning because the VIP terminal is necessary for every traveler, as well as catering – the service which is often used by VIP tourists.

Finally, the more varied is the service during the flight, the more expensive is the flight. Each additional option – organization of mini-office in business-jet, extra beds, specially selected crew (for example, exclusively Russian or English-speaking), exclusive interior décor – is being paid separately and discussed beforehand with the broker.

AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) – aviation Broker Company, who has arranged hundreds of successful flights and has a great number of satisfied customers. The company organizes the private flights around the world. By contacting Russian-speaker consultant of Cofrance SARL, you may find out how much the flight on the private jet costs, how to vary the flight, how  to plan interesting travel routs in case if you hire the jet for entertainment purposes.

In addition, the rent payment affects on the number of days of aircraftparking. For example, if you order the private jet and plan one day of parking, then it will cost you less than the flight with more hours of ground time.


The price of the flight on the private jet

Proceed with specific numbers. Flight hour of the jet costs 1 000 – 1 500 c.u. in minimum and 11 000 EUR in maximum.

Thus, theflight on private jet from Tbilisi to Nice will cost for you averagely 40 000 c.u. Long flights, for example, from Tbilisi to USA, will cost more than 100 000 EUR.

VIP catering usually costs 150 EUR. Your personal consultant from Cofrance SARL will specify the price of other additional options.


Now that you already know how much the flight on private jet costs, you can feel free to contact the broker: We have all-inclusive services at the best price.